No on 73: Protect young women’s privacy and reproductive rights

The Fall 2005 issue of the Peace and Freedom Party's newspaper The Partisan included this article explaining at greater length why the Peace and Freedom Party opposes Proposition 73:

No on Proposition 73

Proposition 73 would force doctors to notify the parents of a woman under the age of 18 before helping her end an unwanted pregnancy. This proposition is not about helping families to communicate. It would put the lives of young women in danger as part of an attack on reproductive freedom.

A pregnant young woman who did not want her parents notified would have the choice of going to court to maintain her privacy. Do you think that if she cannot confide in her parents she would be likely to talk to a judge?

If this proposition passes we will see an increase in teen suicide, botched and possibly fatal illegal abortions or attempts by women to abort themselves, and babies left in garbage cans. If we want more family communication, let's try a shorter work week, more vacation time and higher pay so that families can spend more time together.

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